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Zona Man and Lil Durk – “Rose Up” [VIDEO]


Zona Man and Lil Durk – “Rose Up” [VIDEO]

Zona Man and Lil Durk Rose Up in new video

Zona Man is a veteran rapper from Chicago and he also emerged in 2012-2013. This wave of rappers saw many Chicago drill rappers take over the scene. Ultimately, Lil Durk became the most-successful rapper from that era. A decade later, Durk is still making hit records, and his streaming numbers are comparable to Drake’s.

Lil Durk has proven that consistency matters in this game. Whether its an album, or a mixtape, Lil Durk drops a new project every year. He has done this since 2011, long before he was even famous. When he paired this work ethic with business acumen, this is when he saw his stock truly begin to soar. He navigated himself out of the Def Jam deal into a situation into a partnership with Alamo.

Meanwhile, Zona Man is still doing his thing, navigating the industry. In the closing days of 2021, he offered new material to the masses. For his new single, his last of the year, he linked with biggest current rapper in his city. Delivering his single, “Rose Up,” Zona Man tapped Lil Durk to appear on the track alongside him, and for the music video.

Zona Man and Lil Durk Rose Up in new video

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