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Welcome to Man Down Entertainment: Frenchie


Welcome to Man Down Entertainment: Frenchie

FrenchieBy Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Known for producing mega-mogul, 50 Cent, and one of the roughest neighborhoods in the United States, Southside Jamaica, Queens, New York, is the birthplace of Frenchie. The borough of Queens is full of hip hop legends, so it was only natural for Frenchie to test the waters of music. Unlike many others, Frenchie discovered he was good.

In a roundabout way, things began to line up for Frenchie, as he prepared to enter the mainstream rap game. With Waka Flocka Flame as a cousin, Frenchie soon linked with popular Atlanta rapper, Gucci Mane. For years, Gucci Mane dominated the mixtape scene and Waka Flocka Flame burst into stardom, two years ago.

While Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame handled the spotlight, Frenchie honed his craft in the background. Frenchie made himself known in the streets, consistently releasing mixtapes. Once he felt comfortable enough with his own buzz, Frenchie launched his Man Down Entertainment label.

Currently, Frenchie is establishing his own imprint, while transforming himself into a household name. Frenchie, due to circumstances, is following the trend made popular by Jay-Z, with New York City rappers collaborating with Southern artists. Going back and forth between Atlanta and New York City, Frenchie naturally worked with Southern artists. When it comes to the underground, few are as big as Frenchie, who has worked with Juicy J, Yung Joc, Soulja Boy, and more Southern stars.

Frenchie is fresh off the release of his Concrete Jungle 2 mixtape, which received positive reviews. Now, Frenchie has put his executive hat on and is ready to show the world two things. The first thing Frenchie is ready to prove is that he can be a star in his own right, as he is doing a good job of showing it, already with ten mixtapes out. Second on Frenchie’s list is showing he is much more than simply a rapper, he is a label boss and knows how to find the right talent, which is taking place over at Man Down Entertainment.

Watch some of Frenchie’s music videos below:

Watch “Concrete Jungle” by Frenchie below:

Watch “City is Mine” by Frenchie ft. Joolz Balla below:

Watch “Hood Letter” by Frenchie below:

Watch “Special” by Frenchie ft. Joffy and Zoe Balla below:

Watch “Deeper than Rap” by Frenchie ft. D.R.I.S. below:

Watch “Ballin Out” by Frenchie ft. Zoe Balla and Joolz Balla below:

Watch “No Jokes” by Frenchie ft. MDE below:

Watch “Facts” by Frenchie below:

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