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Tyler Herro vs. Jusuf Nurkic (FULL FIGHT) | Heat at Blazers [VIDEO]


Tyler Herro vs. Jusuf Nurkic (FULL FIGHT) | Heat at Blazers [VIDEO]

Tyler Herro and Jusuf Nurkic fight

Last night, the Miami Heat visited the Portland Trail Blazers and got a win. Towards the end of the game, the Heat held a 112-102 lead. For whatever reason, Tyler Herro decided to shove Jusuf Nurkic, and all heck broke loose, immediately. After Nurkic handled his play, he gave Herro a shove right back. Given his bigger size, when Nurkic shoved Herro, it drew more attention.

Tyler Herro has been the unsung hero for the Miami Heat, since joining the team. In 2019, Herro was drafted by the Heat, and he rose to fame during the 2020 NBA Finals. Infamously, he taunted LeBron James, during that series. His taunts led to the classic dunk LeBron James had, which established the Lakers’ control of the series.

While the Miami Heat haven’t played for a championship, since 2020, Tyler Herro remains a star on the team. Like most Heat teams, this year’s edition hangs their hat on their gritty style of play. Even with an up-and-down season, the Heat continue to win the key games. Normally, a game like this is one a team would lose, but Miami took the win.

Along with that, Tyler Herro ensured to make headlines, as he and Jusuf Nurkic fought.

Tyler Herro and Jusuf Nurkic fight

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