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Tray Bndo – “Vibes” | HHV On The Rise Video of the Week


Tray Bndo – “Vibes” | HHV On The Rise Video of the Week

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

A new wave has come out of New Jersey, since Fetty Wap emerged, four years ago. Many other artists have risen to gain fame and one making noise is Tray Bndo. He has some major industry figures behind him and he has a huge record out.

For most of the year, Tray Bndo has been pushing “Vibes” and the music video has done solid numbers. The visuals have helped the song become a huge record. Right now, Tray Bndo is on the verge of being the next major breakthrough artist.

Recently, Tray Bndo caught the attention of the HHV music team. His video for “Vibes” has already been doing well. But, this is the Video of the Week for the On The Rise segment.

Watch “Vibes” by Tray Bndo below:

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