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Top 6 Timeless Hip-Hop Love Songs


Top 6 Timeless Hip-Hop Love Songs

Since it emerged in New York’s inner-cities in the late 1970s as a form of communication across the ghettos, Hip-Hop has gone on to become one of the most widely-appreciated music genres on the planet. As with any musical style, it has taken numerous influences onboard, evolving and changing, growing in popularity. Although it will always be associated with the grittier themes which spurred Hip-Hop in the first instance, many modern artists have used it as a vehicle to a more mellow soundtrack, with many performers crafting love songs. If you have a favorite dating website, and often visit this site to chat to partners about music, here are six of the finest Hip-Hop love songs you can listen to over a candlelit meal.

Crazy in Love (Beyonce), 2003

The lead single from Beyonce’s debut album ‘Dangerously in Love,’ this explosive dance track is a meld of soul, Hip-Hop and funk, featuring a sample of the classic 1970s Chi-Lites’ song, ‘Are You My Woman.’ The video showcases Beyonce’s energetic and sensual dancing prowess, and the memorable chorus has been heard pumping from bar jukeboxes or fitness center PAs across the world. This song is certainly timeless when it comes to providing a toe-dancing backdrop to your date.

I Need Love (LL Cool J), 1987

New Yorker LL Cool J, one of the first Hip-Hop artists to break into the mainstream, and also known for his appearances in many movies, has penned numerous hits in this genre, as well as more soothing R&B. ‘I Need Love’ represented one of Hip-Hop’s earliest ballads, demonstrating how flexible this musical style is. It was a top-10 hit in several countries across the globe.

Your Love (Nicki Minaj), 2010

Trinidadian-born Nicki Minaj, known as one of rap’s most influential female artists, has released many best-selling albums, her debut ‘Pink Friday,’ being certified triple-platinum. On ‘Your Love,’ her trademark rapid-fire rapping is slowed down to create a sweet love song – the ideal background music when you are having a romantic evening with your partner.

California Love (Tupac Shakur), 1996

Widely regarded as one of rap’s most talented exponents, Tupac Shakur fell victim to a drive-by shooting in 1996, after the release of his bestselling fourth album, ‘All Eyez On Me.’ The first video for the single ‘California Love’ was inspired by the film ‘Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome.’ A classic example of how Hip-Hop had expanded way beyond its street roots into bombastic and flamboyant theatrics to captivate a massive audience, this will also keep you and your partner enthralled.

No Better Love (Young Gunz), 2004

From the debut album ‘Tough Luv’ by Philadephia Hip-Hop duo Young Guns, ‘No Better Love’ samples ‘Better Love,’ by Luther Vandross. With its catchy chorus refrain, “Don’t stop givin’ me your lovin,’ cause my heart’s been racin’ for your lovin,'” listening to the insistent rapping on this song would be ideal for any date.

In many ways, 50 Cent was an archetypal rapper, starting in life as a young drug dealer in New York’s Queens borough during a crack epidemic, before seeing music has his salvation. His rise to become one of the genre’s most successful artists has seen him shift an eye-watering 30 million albums worldwide, as well as receiving numerous awards, including a Grammy. ’21 Questions’ alludes to his distant past, as the video opens with a police raid while he counts money. But this demonstrates the strong redemptive strand running through much of Hip-Hop. And this powerful message is also ideal for your listening entertainment while you’re in the company of someone you love.

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