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Spinabenz – “Big A$$ Choppa” [VIDEO]


Spinabenz – “Big A$$ Choppa” [VIDEO]

Spinabenz brags about the size of his arsenal in new video

There isn’t a time when Florida isn’t dominating, as the whole state has the independent scene on lock. In the city of Jacksonville, Spinabenz is one of several artists that is taking off, right now. Guys like Spinabenz bring the kinds of energy that the young fans love. Spinabenz is making the kind of music that has heavily influenced a lot of the younger New York City rappers.

Speaking of New York City rappers, there is a real crisis going on. This week, alone, two rappers were shot, and both are from New York City. Even worse than the rappers being shot is that one of the rappers actually died from the gunshot. Now, Spinabenz has returned with a new song that is dedicated to his weapon. In no way is this a sermon, but this is some perspective.

Spinabenz is definitely an entertaining artist, but the timing of the “Big A$$ Choppa” release is tough. In New York City, there are two rappers who were shot, and one killed, due to violence from weapons. But, in no way is this disparaging Spinabenz, who is likely to have much success this year.

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