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Soulja Boy – “Robotic” [VIDEO]


Soulja Boy – “Robotic” [VIDEO]

Soulja Boy delivers Robotic music video

Few rappers were able to say they outworked Soulja Boy in 2021. Not only did Soulja Boy drop new music, almost daily, he launched a few new businesses. Along with that, Soulja Boy dropped a legitimate hit record, in “She Make It Clap.” Following the success of the single, Soulja Boy returned with the remix, featuring French Montana.

Soulja Boy is interested in tech and he’s launching his own video game console. Already, he has dabbled with having his own video game. To promote the new projects, Soulja Boy released music that surrounded each product. During the summer, Soulja Boy thought he would be featured on Kanye West’s Donda, but he was left off the album. This led to Soulja Boy insulting Ye on social media.

Eventually, Soulja Boy received an apology from Kanye West, and he accepted. Since then, Soulja Boy has offered Kanye praise. Much like Kanye, Soulja Boy is working on his various products. While he doesn’t have billions projected, Soulja Boy is expecting to make a few extra millions. In between time, Soulja Boy is working on his first venture, music, offering the “Robotic” music video.

Soulja Boy delivers Robotic music video

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