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Soulja Boy – “Chain Gang” [VIDEO]


Soulja Boy – “Chain Gang” [VIDEO]

Soulja Boy puts himself back on top with Chain Gang video

In 2021, Soulja Boy definitely had the comeback of the year. Two years after his infamous “Breakfast Club” rant, Soulja Boy just started making hit records. In his career, Soulja Boy is a pioneer, but he is often overlooked. This is due to what he helped make popular, ringtone rap. While ringtone rap existed before him, Soulja Boy made it into a trend.

Many tried to write Soulja Boy off as a one hit wonder, but that isn’t the case. From 2007 until 2009, he had a run and, before it ended, he got the 50 Cent co-sign. What Soulja Boy did for the internet is what Master P did for the industry, in the 1990s. However, due to the changing of the eras, he wasn’t given his credit.

Soulja Boy came into 2021 and he stopped complaining about not receiving his props. Instead, he took his props. Everything he said he was involved in, he showed some form of product from it, and then he went to work. Still, Soulja Boy is Big Draco, so there was controversy, along the way. He ended up beefing with Kanye West. But, he is Big Draco, so he got Kanye to apologize to him.

Last year, Soulja Boy released new content almost every day. This is the same energy he’s bringing into 2022. With that said, he returns with the video for his single, “Chain Gang.”

Soulja Boy puts himself back on top with Chain Gang video

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