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Slim Thug – “BIGslim” [VIDEO]
Slim Thug drops BIGSlim music video


Slim Thug – “BIGslim” [VIDEO]

Slim Thug ended up being the one with the staying power, in the end. Early in 2005, he emerged alongside Mike Jones and Paul Wall. While the two weren’t in a group, they were three Houston rappers who were closely associated. The three were signed to Swishahouse, at one time or another. But, Thugga ended up signed to Pharrell’s Star Trak label.

Mike Jones was the immediate star of the three, dropping “Still Tippin.” That single featured the trio and Slim Thug had the standout verse. Before social media took over everything, Thugga said “I got the internet goin nuts.” That line ended up being quoted by plenty of people, right into the era of social media.

During the summer of 2005, Slim Thug had his successful debut. But, everyone ended up taking a backseat, as Chamillionaire topped Billboard. Meanwhile, everyone else came down to Earth, Cham soon included. Nearly two decades later, Thugga is still releasing viral records, and Houston is dominating the charts.

With this going on, Slim Thug returns with the “BIGslim” music video.

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