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Shenseea – “Dolly” [VIDEO]


Shenseea – “Dolly” [VIDEO]

Shenseea begins 2022 with the release of the Dolly music video. In 2021, Shenseea enjoyed a ton of success, as she emerged into the mainstream. She has been making music for years and first had breakthrough success in 2018. Back then, she was collaborating with Christina Aguilera, and doing other work, trying to establish herself.

In 2019, Shenseea signed with Interscope Records, and by 2021 she established herself as a household name. Now, the work truly begins, as the spotlight is all on her now. It’s no longer about the celebrity co-signs, as she finds herself a celebrity, now. Last year, Shenseea dropped a ton of big records, and now she is preparing her debut album.

The singles Shenseea released, last year, were to establish herself in the game. Now, her 2022 rollout is all about her debut album. These singles are her official singles in promotion of her first album. Her single, “Dolly,” is a part of this album rollout. She released the music video for this single over the weekend, launching the new year.

Shenseea begins 2022 with the release of the Dolly music video. She has much more in store, as her album is on the way.

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