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Russell Westbrook steps to Giannis, but backs down | Bucks at Lakers [VIDEO]


Russell Westbrook steps to Giannis, but backs down | Bucks at Lakers [VIDEO]

Russell Westbrook backs down from fight with Giannis

Last night, the Lakers took another tough loss, getting blown out at home. The Milwaukee Bucks, led by a strong performance from Giannis Antetokounmpo blew the Lakers out. It’s no secret that Russell Westbrook has struggled this season. Many people have began choosing Westbrook as the scapegoat for the Los Angeles Lakers’ struggles, this season. But, it’s looking like the roster being constructed how it is just can’t get the job done.

Russell Westbrook was brought to the Lakers, due to his passion and aggression. Early in his career, Westbrook received a lot of comparisons to Kobe Bryant. Both shared an incredible drive and a desire to win games. However, Kobe was able to tailor his game and find an ability to lead his team to wins, in the playoffs. Ultimately, Russell Westbrook never proved he could truly lead a team. When he became the Thunder’s leader, Westbrook won the MVP. However, the Thunder failed to win 50 games, or win a playoff series.

During last night’s game, Russell Westbrook tried to get something going. When he drove the lane, Westbrook found Giannis Antetokounmpo, who crashed into him. In typical Westbrook fashion, he stepped to the Greek Freak. However, Westbrook quickly changed his mind, and he and Giannis ended the conversation with all laughs.

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