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Russ – “What Are Y’all” [VIDEO]


Russ – “What Are Y’all” [VIDEO]

Russ returns with What Are Y’all music video

Over the past decade, Russ has proven to be a successful, consistent, artist. In Atlanta, Russ made his name known. Russ made a decision to put music out in his own way, independently. During this span of time, Russ put himself on the map with his single, “Losin’ Control,” which blew up in 2017. Two years later, Russ scored the biggest hit of his career.

Late in 2019, Russ dropped his single, “Best on Earth,” with Bia. During the first half of 2020, Russ dominated radio with that record. But, the song really served as a bigger launch into Bia’s career. She already had some success, but people were really up on her. In 2021, Bia dropped “Whole Lotta Money” to much success, and then Nicki Minaj jumped on the remix.

Russ would have further success, releasing his hit single, “Ugly,” with Lil Baby. Now, Russ is back to work, it’s a new year, and he has new music. Recently, Russ came back out with the release of his “What Are Y’all” single. At the end of last week, Russ released the official music video for the “What Are Y’all” single.

Russ returns with What Are Y’all music video

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