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Rudy Gobert hits full-court shot | Jazz at Nuggets [VIDEO]


Rudy Gobert hits full-court shot | Jazz at Nuggets [VIDEO]

Rudy Gobert hits full-court shot

Since Donovan Mitchell was drafted, the Utah Jazz have been one of the NBA’s most-impressive teams. When they lost Gordon Hayward, in 2017, the Jazz were expected to be one of the worst teams in the league. While the Jazz weren’t exactly title contenders, they had a nice core built around Hayward and Rudy Gobert. Their final playoff series, against the Golden State Warriors, was competitive, considering all.

Instead of getting worse, the Jazz actually improved, behind a rookie Donovan Mitchell. While they won fewer regular season games, they did better in the playoffs. In 2018, they took the 65-17 Rockets to five games, in the second round. Since then, the Jazz have experienced having the NBA’s best record. In 2021, they had the league’s top record. Unfortunately, the Jazz were upset in the second round, losing in six games to the Los Angeles Clippers.

This season, the Jazz were expected to contend, but instead the Suns, Warriors, and Grizzlies have kept the Utah Jazz out of the West’s top three spots. Rudy Gobert being out caused them to struggle, recently. Last night, they got it back on track, blowing the Nuggets out in Denver. The full court shot that Rudy Gobert hit was indicative of the kind of night the Jazz were having.

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