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Producer’s Corner with Yung Ced: Detail


Producer’s Corner with Yung Ced: Detail

DetailBy Yung Ced
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Bet a lot of people thought they wouldn’t see this again. Forget the thoughts and what is assumed, Producer’s Corner is back and stronger than ever. A lot goes into what the world knows as hip hop, but the focus usually only goes to the rappers. There is so much more to it, like who produced the number one song on Billboard.

When it comes to number one songs on Billboard and hip hop, YMCMB come to mind more than any other camp. Lil Wayne is still killing the game and is one of the few rappers where a platinum album is guaranteed. A good number of his hit records were produced by Detail.

Two years ago, everybody was singing “How to Love” and a good number of people were singing it off tune. That instrumental made a lot of people give the song a chance and that is courtesy of Detail. Last year, Lil Wayne dropped his “No Worries” hit that Detail produced and provided vocals for.

Watch “How to Love” by Lil Wayne below:

Watch “No Worries” by Lil Wayne ft. Detail below:

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