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PeeWee Longway – “Sh*t On Me” [VIDEO]


PeeWee Longway – “Sh*t On Me” [VIDEO]

PeeWee Longway begins 2022 with Sh-t On Me music video

In 2013, PeeWee Longway achieved mixtape fame. Back then, he was Gucci Mane’s artist, right before he went to prison. During this time, Gucci paired PeeWee Longway and Young Thug, making them into a powerful duo. Within a year, Thug had his first breakout hit, and would go onto become a major star in the game.

Meanwhile, with PeeWee Longway, he continued to release successful mixtapes. Honestly, PeeWee Longway never seemed as if he wanted to be a mainstream artist. But, there was a time when he began getting commercial looks. In the 2014-2015 period, PeeWee began making serious noise, and it looked like he would break through.

Ultimately, PeeWee Longway hasn’t had much mainstream success. However, on the mixtape scene, he has over ten years in. Anyone who knows who PeeWee is considers him to be a legend in the game. He has countless classic mixtapes under his belt. Currently, he is preparing his newest project, M.B.M., for the people.

This week, PeeWee Longway returned with new music. Actually, this is his first single release of 2022. He has returned with the video for his single, “Sh-t On Me,” which dropped yesterday.

PeeWee Longway begins 2022 with Sh-t On Me music video

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