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Ozuna delivers Deprimida music video off Ozutochi album

In nearly ten years, Ozuna has become one of the biggest names in Latin music. Recently, Ozuna has been hard at work on his newest album. Ozuna has been putting in work on his album, Ozutochi, which is to drop later this year. Meanwhile, Ozuna has continued to release new singles off the forthcoming album.

Ozuna has kept a low profile, one month and a half into the year of 2022. While Ozuna hasn’t released any new music, himself, he has made some major features. His 2022 began with Christina Aguilera tapping Ozuna for “Santo,” which is taken from her most recent album. As Ozuna has risen to become a major figure in music, this is something he has to keep going.

Recently, Ozuna has returned with the release of a new single. Ouzna has taken over with promotions, both on social media, and in real life. He has several billboards that have taken over several neighborhoods. The billboards included a charging battery. On social media, Ozuna also included posts of a charging battery. This was in promotion for his single, “Deprimida,” his first 2022 release. Ozuna has put in a lot of work, including Cardi B features, over the years.

Ozuna delivers Deprimida music video off Ozutochi album

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