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On The Rise: PBzE T.O


On The Rise: PBzE T.O

PBzE T.OBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Many people claim they are passionate about things and want the best out of life. The true question is what a person is willing to do in order to get there. Sometimes, this includes sleepless nights, more often than not, going without, and even sacrificing health.


Guys like PBzE T.O understand this and, when faced with expensive studio prices, he sold his clothing. This is how badly he wants to succeed in the music industry. He knew once things paid off, he could always buy more clothes.

PBzE T.O is a native of Magnolia, Arkansas, a small southern town, and he is looking to put the city on the map. Our latest On The Rise interview has us speaking with the man on this mission. During the interview, he spoke on all that he’s done in order to become who he wants to be in the music industry.

Read the entire interview below:

Often, rappers discuss sacrifices they make in order to pursue their dreams, but what circumstances led to you having to sell your own clothing in order to record? I didn’t have the money to pay for studio time, so I sold damn near everything to pay for it.

What type of influence did your late cousin have on your life, and later, your career? He was like the brother I never had. We were super close. That was my nigga, for real for real. Rest in paradise.

About how big is your hometown, Magnolia, Arkansas? Not big at all. Population about 10,000 residents.

Because this is a small town, do you see your rise being compared to the likes of Big K.R.I.T. or Yelawolf? Coming from the country I think we all share the same struggles.

Can you tell us more about your single, “Three’s,” and the success it’s having? Three’s is a record produced by my dog, Ronnie D, who has worked with damn near everybody from R. Kelly to Lil Wayne. It’s been doing pretty well. VEVO views are steady climbing.

You’ve come a long way and you have a long way to go, can you please talk to the discouraged person out there who feels like giving up and tell them about the importance of faith? Lil’ bro/Lil’ sis if it was that easy, everybody would have it. What’s for you is for YOU! Nobody can rewrite what God has planned. Temporary defeat does not mean permanent failure! Keep goin.’

In addition to your single, “Three’s,” you also have the Up There EP that is making noise, would you please tell fans more about that? Up There is a five track EP that I wanted to give to the people. It’s available exclusively on SoundCloud. I got so much more on the way though! Go Hard Muuuuuusic

Before we go, can you let people know where they can find you on social media? Everything is @PBZETO.

Watch “Mighty $” by PBzE T.O. below:

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