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On The Rise: Pause MC

On the Rise

On The Rise: Pause MC

Pause MCBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In any type of industry, it is tough to work independent of a major company. However, this is America and the nation was founded on independent people going against the odds. This is what has kept a rising artist, named Pause MC, going.

Pause MC is fresh off his own tour, No Small Order, named after his 2015 album of the same name. The tour was completely independent and came after tons of hard work. Now, he is back and returned with another new album.

Recently, Pause MC took some time out to do an On The Rise interview with Hip Hop Vibe. During this interview, he discussed Blue, which happens to be his latest album. He would also discuss his other work on the independent landscape.

Read the entire interview below:

You recently released a new album called No Small Order, where did the inspiration for this album come from? My new album is actually Blue. No Small Order came out last March. The name Blue is inspired by the fact that shit hasn’t been the easiest lately and I haven’t been the happiest.

In addition to the album, you also went on tour. How would you advise fellow independent artists to set up their own tours? It’s tough, takes a lot of calling/emailing and a lot of getting used to hearing words like “no” or “pass”. The short answer is make a record that people want to listen to and come see you perform and don’t give up.

Can you tell us more about your work with Travis Margis? Yeah, Travis is a total monster and I feel lucky for the opportunity to have gotten to do a project with him. He came to my studio and laced me with some beats like a year ago. I was caught up in a couple other projects and couldn’t get to them right away. When I was finally ready we finished the album in a month or so. I’m not the type of dude that just writes lyrics in a book and then matches them to beats, so it was awesome to work with his production because it allowed me to explore song topics and ideas that I wouldn’t get to if I was writing to my own production.

As an independent artist, your music has ended up on many platforms, including video games and TV networks. What process did you take to make this happen? These days I have a licensing agency I work with that helps me to place songs called Music Alternatives. Getting stuff placed for the first time can be tough, but it gets easier. Once you get one or two there seems to be a snowball effect and more people start biting. Or maybe my music is getting better, I don’t know.

Is there a certain marketing tactic you have in place that aids your commercial success? No, not at all. The only tactic I have is make the best music I can.

Your album reached number four on Canada’s !Earshot chart, what did that feel like? At the time it was definitely a validating feeling. You work so hard in hopes that people will dig your stuff, so to find out that a lot of people are playing it on the radio is rewarding. But at the end of the day, I feel like I’m only as good as my next song and all I can think is, hopefully they’ll dig these new ones.

Where can people find you on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Every one of my sites is “pausemc” – @pausemc,, etc.

Follow Carlos Cureno on Twitter @DjayyCharliee.

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