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On The Rise: NephLon Don


On The Rise: NephLon Don

NephLon DonBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past eighteen months, NephLon Don is a name that has begun frequently popping up, here on Hip Hop Vibe. This is due to his music catching the attention of the staff. He has even done some promotional work with members of the team.

Furthermore, NephLon Don is beginning to leave his mark on the game, as fans are flocking to his music. It certainly helps that Royce Rizzy and Madeintyo are his label-mates. Currently, Private Club Records is blowing up and NephLon Don is the next star.

Given his status as an emerging artist, NephLon Don is the perfect example of an artist On The Rise. Fittingly, NephLon Don gave a moment of his time to Hip Hop Vibe for the interview. During the interview, NephLon Don spoke on how far he’s come and how far he has to go.

Read the entire interview below:

To the people who may still be getting to know you and your movement explain to everyone who NephLon Don is. It’s me, I really can’t explain my name other then I earned it from being humble and staying in my place. Young Neph, because my uncle is a popular underground Philly rapper and I’m his nephew I held it down as that, I got older and called myself a Don put it together it described me to me so it’s me who I am NephLon Don.

You grew up in Philly and now you travel all over making your rounds. How has growing up in Philly influenced your sound? It’s no place like my city to me, I been around the world, but it’s a lot that I been through in my land. Not just because it’s a city or streets because it’s streets every where but the vividness of the reality that’s there helps me explain what I been through things I survived through and most of my family is there so I can explain a lot coming from Philly in a light that others can’t I mean life grew on me fast being from Philly.

You are affiliated with Private Club Records, how did you become apart of the camp and also how do you feel you are different from the other artists on the roster? Rizzy An Mally my brothers from another but we are one in the same. I mean it’s really no difference to me in music with the Private Club collective and I really don’t like to separate myself from the people who I surround myself with, so I would say the only things that make me different is the way I dress an city I came from but I relate to their music as well as they relate to mines.

How do you feel about the success Private Club Records is having right now? To see where we all came from as independent artist who came together from youth we all had times in our lives to where we wasn’t together consistently but still living life and doing music and years later for it to form together with the same people who are familiar with each other is a blessing and I love to see all of us win so I’m privileged to be apart.

You’re going on the “New Kings Tour” from March 24th to April 16th how excited are you to get out and take your sound to different parts of the country? It’s coming together as I expected my team and myself have been working and to all the supporters and fans we definitely will show and prove that it was worth your listen and support hopefully we can get the world to come out hear and see us.

It was great speaking with you and we wish you much success in your future. Can you tell everyone where we can find you on social media, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, …? @Nephlondon on everything all my social medias an for searching music @Nephlondon PrivateClubRecords.

Watch “Believe Me” by NephLon Don below:

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