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On The Rise: Moses Uvere

On the Rise

On The Rise: Moses Uvere

moses-uvereBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There is a major reason why people come to America. Billed as the land of the free, these freedoms are fought for, especially during election years. Currently, people are debating who they want to choose as their next president, which will determine how people enter the country.


Close to three decades ago, Moses Uvere arrived in America with his family, settling in Texas. Prior to this, the family lived in Nigeria and the first family member born in the US was Moses. He is determined to build a legacy the family can take pride in.

Moses Uvere is making great strides in music, as he has four albums out, with Kingdom of The Fallen being his newest release. This project is gaining much momentum and continues strong success he’s had as an independent artist. In our latest On The Rise interview, Moses Uvere discussed his rise in the game and his new work.

Read the entire interview below:

Being the first member of your family to be born in the US, do you feel an obligation to build a legacy here in the states? Oh goodness yes! My parents named me Moses because they had legacy in mind. There plan for me was to be great by any means and really represent my country to the fullest. That mentality has a lot to do with our culture and with me being oldest of my siblings. It’s deep. We could dive more into that question alone but we would be talking for hours.

Due to your Nigerian background and growing up in Texas, did you find yourself being a fan of Hakeem Olajuwon? Man, that’s such an interesting question. I wrestled with my identity for years. I used to tell people I was related to him, just because he was from Nigeria and lived in Texas. Reality is, that wasn’t true, but he was a poster child for greatness among Nigerians when I was growing up. So to answer your question yes I was a major fan. At the time I didn’t know who I was and I had a longing in my heart to be great but I didn’t know how to get there so I would place my identity in others such as Hakeem.

What is the best way to sum your career up, thus far? It has been a steady, uphill, climb. It’s been moving at a great pace overall. I’ve had my challenges for sure. I’ve wanted to quit so many different times but with the release of Kingdom of the Fallen it has really affirmed for me that my music has purpose and is meant to help people. It gives me passion to keep fighting for greatness.

How will your new album separate itself from your previous three releases? Man, awesome question! I gave my listeners my story in a deep and passionate way. That’s something I’ve never done before. I’ve never been this transparent to the public, which was a huge battle for me. The results of that have led me to amazing conversations. Restoration of broken relationships. People really appreciation the hope that we are bring. To keep it simple It’s a deeper movement of lyrical content. That’s really new for me!

Can you tell us more about Kingdom of The FallenThe album is a very intimate process of me discovering my identity and wrestling with that on these songs. However, at the same time, encouraging everyone to figure out what their identity is. We took the listeners on a journey of going into a dark place getting out of that dark place and finding hope. In which was tied in with understanding my true identity and getting clear vision on who God says I am. It’s been liberating! I can see the music is liberating others as well.

Are you happy with your album charting on iTunes’ Top 100? That was amazing! I still can’t believe it! To be real, my listeners did that! They made it happen! It’s unbelievable. I remember waking up that morning and checking the charts and just being overwhelmed with joy! It’s never happened before in my career, it’s pretty awesome to live to see it!

Do you have a tour planned for the album? Well, we are working hard on it for sure! We’ve been doing quite a few offs from the strength of the album reception. We’ve been doing a lot of album release parties as well. I’m certain we will make it happen. Just not sure when at this time.

Where can the fans connect with you on social media? Check for me at All of my social is there and I’m a fool on Snapchat, follow me @mosesuvere.

Watch “We Get Up” by Moses Uvere below:

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