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On The Rise: Kir

On the Rise

On The Rise: Kir

kirBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In the history of hip hop, Philadelphia has always been a city where stars emerge from. Even outside of hip hop, Philly is home to music icons. The number one show on television is “Empire” and their main character, Lucious (Terrence Howard) is a Philly “emcee.”


In real life, Kir is doing what he can to ensure he is the next man to represent for Philadelphia. With over 10,000 views on his “Juice” music video, Kir says he is prepared for the big stage. Definitely, he is becoming a favorite in the media.

Recently, Kir took time out to speak to about his ascending success. The Philly rapper would discuss his “Juice” success and his new mixtape, Broke Again, which can be found almost anywhere online. There is much more to learn about the young man named Kir, however.

Read the entire interview below:

What inspired your Legendary mixtape? What inspired my Legendary mixtape is a long story, but to sum it up my life inspired it. My trials and tribulations, friends I’ve lost to the streets, and just my life, period. It all just came to me and, due to the streets trying to pull you in, music or sports may be your only way to stay away.

Do you like the success the “Juice” music video had? I love the success the “Juice” video had. It showed me how much support I really have and how many people are really watching. My first 6,000 was inspiring and, when they kept going up, it just gave me the drive to keep pushing it. Now, it’s pushing 14,000 views. It’s definitely a blessing. I can’t wait until the next video drops just to see the reaction I know everyone is going to have.

How does your new mixtape, Broke Again, compare and differ from your previous project? Broke Again differs from my other projects in a small way, but not a major way. This single is catchy and still is me giving the fans life. It’s comparable to my other projects, because, as I said before, I speak pain in my music. However, it’s different because it’s a different sound. The hook isn’t the same time as all my songs. All in all, I think the and will grasp onto it.

On a scale of one to ten, where would you consider your momentum, right now? On a scale of one to ten, my momentum would be at ten. I’m so ready to take my career to the next level, everyday. I make a move, everyday, just to make me feel like I accomplished something. The key is to stay consistent and keep your team working. With the team I have behind me, I don’t have any plans on letting up because they push me to the fullest.

Seeing how “Juice” is a viral hit, do you see yourself getting a big name for the remix? Yeah. I considered getting a big name for the remix. There’s already some people I’ma get on it, but I don’t wanna release them yet and spoil the surprise. Before I drop the remix, I had to give the streets the visual and give them something to vibe out to.

What is next for you, now that Broke Again is your focus? Next, I’m looking forward to getting my music to all the heavy blogs. I’ve already premiered Broke Again, but after that I need to get everyone’s ear and get everybody’s feedback. It’s all a pieces and I’m trying to take everything one day at a time.

Watch “Juice” by Kir below:

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