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On The Rise: Keven Jacobs


On The Rise: Keven Jacobs

Keven JacobsBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Dating back to the early days of Rap-A-Lot Records, Texas has been a popular place for hip hop music. Usually, the focus is on Houston, with Dallas getting some focus, in recent years. But, for the most part, it is one of those two cities that has the focus.

Keven Jacobs is a Texas native, but San Antonio is his city. There is a popular arts district in San Antonio filled with all types of entertainment. Now, Keven Jacobs is positioning himself to be the number one artist when it comes to the hip hop music.

In our latest On The Rise interview installment, Keven Jacobs allowed the Hip Hop Vibe braintrust into his head. There is a lot on his mind, which is to be expected of someone trying to break into the industry. He shared his views, opinions, and ideas on how he will reach his goals and the world around him.

Read the entire interview below:

In what ways, do you feel the city of San Antonio differs from the state of Texas? It is a vibrant city and growing very fast there is so much opportunity here that people come from all over to live and work and the music scene here is just getting started, so I think San Antonio is getting ready to become a city with a lot to offer in the near future.

Have you been following the presidential election? If so, how do you feel about the circus the Republican Party has going on? I have been, here and there. I just feel like they need to figure out what they really want. Either they all want Trump or they don’t. I, personally, am neither, party politics is not really my thing.

You released your mixtape, Never Satisfied, to start the year, were you pleased with the results of that project? I was it did what is was supposed to do, I was not expecting it to get major results and get me on the map it was meant to show people that I am capable of doing quality work and that I do have the skill to make it in the game. Never Satisfied was a collection of songs that was used to display my versatility as an artist but I know I could do so much better. It really did make people turn their heads though to my music that was the main goal.

How do you feel your self-titled EP will differ from your mixtape release? I had more time to plan and promote this project I wanted it to be short, but to the point, with a lot of time and effort put into every song and every instrumental that I used. The difference will be that, first off, I recorded in Houston and San Antonio with beats from all over the country and lyrically I’m hoping it will open more eyes to what my style is really like. The songs are more zeroed in to catch the listeners attention as opposed to Never Satisfied, where I was just making songs to see what was popular. Now, I have the idea and what the people want. The difference is now I have a fan base and now I’m focused on making the best songs i can make now that more and more people are listening

Are you liking the buzz your singles have generated, thus far? Yeah, I would say so. I am actually a little surprised at how well they did after Never Satisfied. I wanted to focus making music that everyone could bump to and go more into really getting quality beats and writing lyrics that were not only catchy but had a meaning to them. I released three singles, “Ride with Me,” “Lucky Strike,” and “Runnin” in preparation for the EP drop and each generated such a good buzz along with working with two other artists featured in the songs I saw my followers and fans come up based on the reactions off the singles I knew the direction I had to go in to make the EP.

Would you consider getting a major artist to hop on one of your singles for an official remix? Oh yeah, most definitely, if the chance came up I would! That would show help my career so much and the chance to work with someone big just to say I did that would be awesome. I kind of already have a list ready of people who I would want to work with, so hopefully one day it happens

Can you let the people know where they can follow you on social media? Yeah. On Facebook, I made a page brand new just look up ‘Keven Jacobs.’ Twitter @KJMusic12, Instagram @KJMusic12, SoundCloud/Spotify/Apple Music, all Keven Jacobs.

Watch “Blowin’ Smoke” by Keven Jacobs below:

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