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On The Rise: Justin Aries


On The Rise: Justin Aries

Justin AriesBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The Philadelphia hip hop scene is huge, due to the metro area. This extends the city to the Northern part of Delaware. Among the residents of this area is Justin Aries and he has goals of being a name the hip hop world never forgets.

Justin Aries is currently promoting Mood Swings, his latest project and he is going all out for this one. There comes a time for any person, when it comes to their goals, where they have to risk it all and go for it. Now is that time for Justin Aries and he is fearlessly pushing to the top.

In the latest On The Rise interview segment, Justin Aries took time out to speak to Hip Hop Vibe. Here, he explained how he is working to reach his goals. Justin Aries also spoke, in-depth, about Mood Swings, which is his newest project.

Read the entire interview below:

What inspired you to jump into the music industry? Just a general love I have when I create music.

Do you see yourself transitioning more into full-fledged business as you get older? Yeah. (Laughs) Funny thing is, I see myself managing artist when I’m done being one .

Can you discuss the marketing strategy you have in place to push your music? It’s all about getting it to the right place for me and strategically having it where my fans can see it and were others will find it easily. Along with hiring people like Q The Question for extra help.

As an independent artist, how important is it to have the right team surrounding you? It means everything to have people who have alike goals next to you as you walk the path making your dream your reality.

Now, what was the inspiration behind your new project, Mood SwingsThe projects about how my heart break from the past kept spilling into present (in a nutshell) as a tried to move on. Pretty deep for me. I’m at a point where I’m finally past the one that got away.

What did you do to ensure it stood out from all of the other projects being released now? Honestly, I never worry about that anymore. I just make the music that I hear inside my head. I barely listen to other music when I’m in creation mode so that the outside world doesn’t leak into my dreams. (Laughs) Sorry, that made me think of Alice In Wonderland. I have really weird ways of thinking of music and when in in that creative mode, it’s like I see and hear things differently. I hear things differently. That’s why mood swing is so different but the same!

Can you let the people know where they can get Mood Swings and where they can find you on social media? You guys can find me on everything Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @OMGJustinAries.

Watch “Broken Promises” by Justin Aries below:

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