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On The Rise: Danny Nardini

On the Rise

On The Rise: Danny Nardini

danny-nardiniBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In Upstate New York, Danny Nardini is working hard to make sure the whole world knows him. Life was hard and he found himself close to becoming the “why me” guy. Instead of letting circumstances knock him down, Danny Nardini rose up and he hasn’t looked down since.


Danny Nardini has a viral hit on his hands with “W.Y.M.,” for which the music video was recently released. This video represents the single taken from Major Motives, his upcoming EP. The new project is soon to drop and is making a big impact.’s latest On The Rise segment features Danny Nardini speaking on his rise. When questioned about who he relates to best, he said Eminem is the person he is most like. Those who check out his story can ultimately decide for themselves.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you talk about your Major Motives EP? The Major Motives EP was birthed from pure hunger. Every track on it was worked on for hours, and hours. I’ve always been passionate about my music, but I really gave this project everything I had. I named it “Major Motives” because there are just so many things that keep me going. The biggest part of it all is finally making sure my family is taken care of.

What was life like for you growing up? Life hit me really early. I had a physically and verbally abusive father that abandoned my family when I was 12. With that being said, I took his role as a father figure to my two younger siblings, financial support for my mother, and man of the house. I witnessed our only vehicle repossessed, lights and power shut off, and the bank throwing us out of the house. For about two years, I was really numb. I got a job as soon as possible to support the family as much as I could. My mother’s parents have been there since day one and I owe them everything. I don’t do what I do and work as hard as I work because I want to blow cash and party, I do it to pay back my loved ones and make sure there is never a single worry again.

How did your tough upbringing shape this new project? My past definitely molded this project. I got to the point where I was so tired of constantly having foot the bill my father never does. I’m not saying I wish I didn’t have to provide for my family, because I would kill for any one of them. Also, I would never apologize for making sure that we eat. But, I realized that things in my life needed to change. The week to week and month to month living had to come to an end. There is nothing that breaks my heart more than seeing my mother cry in the kitchen because of insufficient funds, and the lack of child support.

For those who don’t know, what does “W.Y.M.” stand for? “W.Y.M (What You Mean)” is a very “braggadocio” record. But the concept behind it is deeper than flaunting things that I have. Many people don’t know about the things I’ve been through and what I do to have what I have. I’ve worked my ass off since 14 to be able to be proud of things I’ve acquired and goals that I accomplished. So basically, when I say, “What You Mean,” I’m saying that people really don’t understand who I am and why the hustle keeps getting stronger.

Would you consider this single an accurate portrayal of a day in the life for you? Absolutely. I go through my day and I know my worth. I know my story, the things I want out of this life, and I know that I’m gonna achieve them. For the longest time, I lacked proper patience. As of late, I’ve come around to realizing that I need to focus on being the absolute best I can, pushing for greatness, and things will start to manifest into my life.

Which hip hop story of rising to stardom inspire you the most? To me, Eminem’s story takes the belt. Being able to relate to so many things, it really showed me that the repetition of hard work will pay off. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next month, but eventually. The key in being successful is keep getting up when life knocks you down. When you barley have enough money to get to work but you find a way, when you hate going home because you’re embarrassed of where you life, all those things are just tests. If you give in after you fail once or twice, you’ll never know what it’s like to succeed.

What is the type of legacy you are going to lead that will inspire the next generation? The legacy I’m trying to leave behind is something that will inspire anyone who has a passion. Whether it’s dancing, sports, boxing, weight lifting, anything. I want people to think of me when times get tough and they feel like their about to break. I want people to think of my story when they fail over and over. I want people to say “I want to be like him”. Not for nothin’, but I know what I offer is great. I’m a person of honor, loyalty, family, and determination. When my name is said, I want people to think of one thing; ambition.

Can you let people know where they can find you online? People can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Here are the links;,, and Instagram @dannynardini.

Watch “N.Y.M.” by Danny Nardini below:

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