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On The Rise: Angela&Bryanna

On the Rise

On The Rise: Angela&Bryanna

Angela&BryannaBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A rising duo from New York City, Angela&Bryanna, are making a name for themselves in the industry. While they are still putting in work, they were given an opportunity few artists receive. During Advertising Week in New York, they performed.

Angela&Bryanna definitely relished the opportunity and made the most of it, but they have much more going on. They are pushing “Dominate” as their new single and there is more to come. With the single doing well, a follow-up is due, as is the full EP.

In between time, Angela&Bryanna talked to Hip Hop Vibe in our latest On The Rise interview. During the interview, Angela&Bryanna spoke about their big performance moment. All about their music, they explained how excited they are for the world to hear their upcoming work.

Read the entire interview below:

What is it about the style in music from the 80s and 90s that makes you two adapt it into your own styles?

We both love 80s freestyle beats and 90s rap and R&B. Music was so fun in the 80s and had a vibe that was more sincere than the music being produced now. You actually had to make the beats by hand, there wasn’t a program to auto synch and beat match. I’m driven to the comedy & playfulness in 2 live crew and the high energy of 80/90s dance tracks. I love the music being created now we have better technology to make fatter and heavier bass so combining the 2 is the key. – B

80s Rock, and Motown was what I heard most from my parents. As I got older I started to listen to Hip Hop, 90s r&b, grunge and techno. Although my music choices tend to change I still feel most at home with that 80/90s vibe. – A

How did you two end up performing Cosmopolitan Magazine? We got asked to perform by the DJ who was spinning the event for advertising week in New York. The event was at the Hearst building in the main event space. The theme was ‘fun fearless female’ which was perfect because we had just recorded a song called “fly grl” & it was awesome. – B

This was definitely a fun event and change of pace for us. At that time we were mostly performing at underground types of venues. It was great performing for a different crowd than what we were used to. – A

Would you consider this to be Angela & Bryanna’s biggest moment, to-date?

The cosmopolitan event? Not exactly. I believe every new song we record is our biggest moment. Every time we’re in the studio the song were recording is always my new favorite. – B

No, I agree with B that with each release we top the last. We’re constantly growing. – A

You two have performed around many big names, have you had the chance to collaborate with any? Skip Rage is featured on latest song “Dominate,” he’s really dope. – B

We’ve collaborated with Boy Radio and Skip Rage. Both were great experiences. We performed several times with Boy Radio. 7/28 at Pianos we’ll be celebrating the release of “Dominate,” which Skip Rage is featured. We’ll be performing with him for the first time there. – A

For those who haven’t seen the “Dominate” music video, can you tell the people about it? “Dominate” is a super empowering track that has an ‘own the party/don’t give a f*ck’ vibe. The music video is super sexy and showcases the lower east side, NYC. It’s basically A&B in lingerie and dominating the city. It’s shot in black & white and features Skip Rage a local rapper from New York. – B

Dominate allows our audience to take a small step into our lives and personalities. No nonsense, yet fun and full of sexiness. – A

When should the world expect more music from you two? We’ve been in the studio making magic and expect to drop another single by the end of the summer and an EP in the fall. – B

What B said! More A&B music coming this summer! – A

Can you let people know where they can find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat? Twitter: @weareaandb; Instagram: @angelaandbryanna; Snapchat: aandbnyc; Facebook @hrtbrkmusic.

Watch “Dominate” by Angela&Bryanna ft. Skip Rage below:

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