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NoCap – “Crystals” [VIDEO]
NoCap shows off tons of cash in Crystals video


NoCap – “Crystals” [VIDEO]

NoCap shows off tons of cash in Crystals video

Often, people on the outside looking in question how people have what they have. There are questions about what certain rappers did to get so popular. When it boils down to it, consistency is what got them there. All of the current biggest names in hip hop were rappers struggling, at one point. Even most of the newer artists have more than ten years in. Throughout 2021, NoCap was consistently dropping music, but under the radar of most.

NoCap is an interesting case, as he’s consistently released music since 2019. But, last year, NoCap really began to get sharper with his music releases. Nearly every month, NoCap put something out, and he normally delivered strong numbers with it. Throughout the year, NoCap made his presence known, and he was very impressive. At a time when rappers rely on co-signs, NoCap mostly made his moves without so much as a feature.

This week, NoCap returned with more new music for the people. He shared the music video for “Crystals,” his latest single, a few days ago. NoCap hasn’t released a full project since last summer, but he’s kept the music coming. Likely, NoCap will return with a project, later this year, and include all of his newer music.

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