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Nicky Jam – “Ojos Rojos” [VIDEO]


Nicky Jam – “Ojos Rojos” [VIDEO]

Nicky Jam returns with Ojos Rojos music video

For some time, Nicky Jam has been one of the most-popular international Latin artists. Though he wasn’t the one to make Reggaeton popular, Nicky Jam is the most-popular artist making Reggaeton music. In his career, Nicky Jam has had some very big accomplishments. He has been afforded the opportunity to work with many legends in the music industry.

Nicky Jam solidified his legacy and caught the attention of Will Smith. Back in 2018, Nicky Jam got the chance to work with The Fresh Prince. In this current era, Nicky Jam is running the game. His appeal is so large that his music is crossing genres. Fans who normally wouldn’t listen to Reggaeton do, because of Nicky Jam.

On New Music Friday, Nicky Jam returned with his latest offering. Nicky Jam released his single, “Ojos Rojos,” along with the accompanying music video. Last year, Nicky Jam released his album, Infinity, during the summer. Still riding the buzz of his album, Nicky Jam has returned with his first single since the album dropped, in August.

Nicky Jam intends to flood the world with new music, this year.

Nicky Jam returns with Ojos Rojos music video

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