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NBA Youngboy – “No Switch” [VIDEO]


NBA Youngboy – “No Switch” [VIDEO]

NBA Youngboy proves he is 2022’s hottest artist with No Switch video

In hip hop, there are categories that critics try to put rappers in. Oftentimes, rappers are divided by regions, if not styles. Now, there are the “viral rappers” versus the “mainstream rappers.” NBA Youngboy definitely came up as a “viral” rapper and he still is. But, what many have been hesitant to say is that he is also a “mainstream” rapper. However, it’s clear, NBA Youngboy is one of the hottest rappers in the game.

Nearly one month into 2022, NBA Youngboy is clearly the biggest rapper in the game. Talking purely numbers, NBA Youngboy is the biggest rapper of this year. Doing the same that he did, last year, NBA Youngboy is dropping something almost every day. To begin the year, NBA Youngboy dropped his Colors mixtape to much fanfare. Now, he’s dropping videos from the mixtape on a near-daily basis. Thus far, he’s dropped two music videos from the project. NBA Youngboy has already done millions from both videos.

Recently, NBA Youngboy delivered the “No Switch” music video. The visual came with much fanfare, as NBA Youngboy has already reached 1.4 million views. Already, NBA Youngboy is YouTube’s most-popular rapper. He is the biggest rapper on music’s biggest platform.

NBA Youngboy proves he is 2022’s hottest artist with No Switch video

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