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Munna Duke – “I Ain’t” [VIDEO]


Munna Duke – “I Ain’t” [VIDEO]

Munna Duke has Asian Doll in I Ain’t video

In Chicago, there are always a vast number of artists that are coming up. Among those rising to the forefront is Munna Duke. This buzzing rapper has been on the scene over the past few years. Recently, he has turned heads, as he has shown up with Asian Doll, on a few IG Stories and Lives, over the past few weeks.

Munna Duke has been rumored to be involved with Asian Doll. Anyone who knows who Asian Doll is knows she was involved with King Von. After his death, she described their relationship, in-depth, which has sparked controversy. Since then, Asian Doll was involved with Jackboy, but they broke up, and she was flirting with Antonio Brown, on social media. When he turned her down, Asian Doll said it was all a joke.

It appears as if Asian Doll and Munna Duke are the real thing. Recently, he returned with his “I Ain’t” music video, and he has some major figures in the video. Among the people who appear in the video is his rumored bae, Asian Doll. With the rumors already abound, this video cameo has served as confirmation.

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