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Movies of Hip Hop: “House Party”


Movies of Hip Hop: “House Party”

House PartyBy DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Readers of Hip Hop Vibe probably are aware of the giveaway with House Party 5. It is a pleasure to be a part of such an iconic brand. In promotion of the giveaway, it seemed like the perfect time to relaunch the Movies of Hip Hop segment and honor the movie that started it all, House Party.

Written by future BET television writer, Reginald Hudlin, House Party‘s lead roles were originally intended for DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (Will Smith). It was a blessing in disguise when Kid-N-Play ended up assuming the lead roles in the film. Together, they turned House Party into a legendary movie.

This future all-star cast consisted of Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell, later known for their role on “Martin.” Others who played in the film included Paul Anthony, John Witherspoon, the late Robin Harris (who died only days after the movie premiered), and B-Fine from Full Force, among many others.

Each House Party movie sticks out in its own way, but none of them are the original. Although the plot is about some teenagers trying to pull one over on their parents and throw a party, there is much more to it. This is the ultimate hip hop coming of age film, filled with the antics of Kid-N-Play. A big reason of why this film is a classic is because it is the first time a lot of people saw Martin Lawrence interact with Tisha Campbell, something they did a lot of years later.

There is a lot of foreshadowing with this film and the fact that there have been four sequels, with the last one coming only a few days ago, twenty-three years after the original. Initially, the plan was for there to only be three films to make a trilogy, but the people could not get enough, so two more movies were made. But, tonight, here is a tribute to the original that laid the groundwork for all the following films.

Watch the House Party trailer below:

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