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Millyz – “Highbeams” [VIDEO]
Millyz returns with Highbeams video


Millyz – “Highbeams” [VIDEO]

Millyz returns with Highbeams video

Millyz is a rapper and one of a growing number of artists representing Boston. Beantown was primarily known for sports, but now there’s a vibrant rap scene. When it comes to artists, Millyz is considered one of the top lyricists from the area. There are many other artists who are representing the area, but few of them are considered lyrical.

Actually, Boston is silently running the game, as one of 2021’s biggest stars is from there. The focal point is on the city, in hip hop, for the first time. While that’s great, Millyz is still representing the city, and doing what he has to do, delivering those bars. Recently, he returned with new music, intended to end one year and start another.

Every year is the same for Millyz, as he simply continues delivering music. Recently, Millyz returned with the music video for one of his newest singles. The new single is called “Highbeams” and is included on his latest offering to the public. Just days before the end of 2021, he shared the official music video to the masses.

Millyz returns with Highbeams video

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