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Meechy Baby – “Get In There” [VIDEO]


Meechy Baby – “Get In There” [VIDEO]

Meechy Baby returns with Get In There video

When NBA Youngboy rose to fame, back in 2016, and he hasn’t looked back since. The Baton Rouge rapper wasted no time establishing himself as a mogul. As soon as he rose to fame, NBA Youngboy began putting his team on. His crew all went by the NBA name, which stands for Never Broke Again, and he turned this into a label deal with Motown Records.

Meechy Baby was one of the many Never Broke Again artists who was going viral. While NBA Youngboy, himself, isn’t signed to the Motown partnership, he and his team oversee it. He made sure all of the members of the Never Broke Again collective were signed. Immediately, he went to work, offering a product to the masses, in the form of their compilation album.

On the compilation album, Meechy Baby was a standout artist. His song, “Cutlass,” was a huge success, and this is helping to launch Meechy Baby as a solo artist. At the end of last week, Meechy Baby released his new single, “Get In There.” While it’s unclear what will become of this single, it is an offering for the people.

Meechy Baby returns with Get In There video

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