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Lil Durk says Morgan Wallen is his “boy,” and doesn’t believe Wallen is racist [VIDEO]

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Lil Durk says Morgan Wallen is his “boy,” and doesn’t believe Wallen is racist [VIDEO]

Last month, a very unlikely collaboration was released, between Lil Durk and country star, Morgan Wallen. Wallen was featured on Durk’s new “Broadway Girls” single, which is now number 14, on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Wallen faced a lot of backlash in early 2020, as he was caught on video mentioning the n-word at his home, near his neighbors. Wallen was getting canceled on social media, but his “Dangerous” album still consistently remained in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart.

Now, Durk is vouching for Wallen, amid their highly successful collab record. TMZ recently caught up with the Chicago rapper on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and he emphasized that Wallen isn’t racist.

“My boy. He ain’t no racist. That’s my boy. We had a long talk. He had his public situation… I vouch for him and he good.”

Wallen also recently revealed that he wants to work with Kendrick Lamar. When Durk was asked if that collaboration should happen as well, he replied “Fa sho.”


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