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LightSkinKeisha – “Pop Sh*t Queen” [VIDEO]


LightSkinKeisha – “Pop Sh*t Queen” [VIDEO]

LightSkinKeisha takes break from Power to drop Pop Sh-t Queen video

For the past few years, LightSkinKeisha has been making moves, as an independent artist. LightSkinKeisha was one of the biggest viral stars in the game. This is something VH1 took notice of, as they cast her for “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Almost immediately, LightSkinKeisha fell into a crew, and she became a fan favorite. However, when the show came to an abrupt 2020 end, LightSkinKeisha opted to leave the series.

LightSkinKeisha ended up joining the cast of “Power Book II: Ghost.” Some people have blamed her character for getting Lauren (Paige Hurd) in trouble, which led to her wearing the wire. However, any anger they had for LightSkinKeisha disappeared when she showed up wearing that black dress. It was made for LightSkinKeisha, so it seems. LightSkinKeisha may have made her last appearance on the show, this season.

Recently, LightSkinKeisha has returned with new music to end the week. She has returned with her single, “Pop Sh*t Queen.” LightSkinKeisha is well on her way to becoming a major force in the industry, as she’s all over television, and rising in music. Her music video for “Pop Sh*t Queen” is one that will definitely be all over TV.

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