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LeBron James tries to fight Desmond Bane! | Grizzlies at Lakers [VIDEO]


LeBron James tries to fight Desmond Bane! | Grizzlies at Lakers [VIDEO]

LeBron James tries to fight Desmond Bane

This season, the Los Angeles Lakers have had an up-and-down season. The inconsistency was caused by the early season injuries to the team. Entering this season, the Lakers seemed poised to return to their 2020 form, as much of that core was brought back. What’s overlooked is how the 2021 Lakers started 21-7, before injuries caught up to them. Whatever the case, the new-look Lakers have struggled, this year.

The Lakers have beaten many of the NBA’s weaker teams, but have struggled with contenders. This season, the Memphis Grizzlies have had their number. Last night, the Lakers had the chance to tie the season series with Memphis. But, Ja Morant had other plans, as the Grizzlies took their franchise-record ninth consecutive win. After a surprise playoff trip, last season, the Grizzlies are looking like contenders, currently holding the fourth spot, in the West. But, the Dallas Mavericks are right on their heels, winners of six straight.

At the seventh spot, the Lakers are clearly frustrated, as the playoffs are no guarantee for them. Last season, they slid into the Play-In, where they defeated the Golden State Warriors to win the seventh seed. That earned LeBron James his first-ever loss in the first round, as the Phoenix Suns dethroned the Lakers in six games. Last night, there was more frustration, and LeBron took it out on Desmond Bane, cursing him out, and trying to fight him.

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