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LeBron James may have reaggravated his abdominal strain [VIDEO]

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LeBron James may have reaggravated his abdominal strain [VIDEO]

LeBron James may have re-aggravated his abdominal strainAn abdominal strain forced LeBron James to miss most of this season’s first twenty games. In the Lakers’ win over the Pistons, LeBron looked like he reaggravated it. Without him on the floor, the Lakers have struggled to win games.

Collectively, LeBron James’ run with the Lakers has been a disappointment. While James did lead the Lakers to the 2020 title, aside from this they didn’t even make the 2019 playoffs. Last season, the Suns beat them in the first round.

LeBron James ended up getting into it with Isaiah Stewart, when the Lakers previously played the Pistons. That game led to both LeBron and Stewart being suspended. Both played, last night, and LeBron looks like he reaggravated his abdominal strain.

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