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LeBron James dunks on Jaren Jackson! | Grizzlies at Lakers


LeBron James dunks on Jaren Jackson! | Grizzlies at Lakers

LeBron James dunks on Jaren Jackson

Clearly, LeBron James is frustrated, as he is used to contending for championships. From 2011 until 2018, he appeared in the NBA Finals every year, and he did this with two different teams. Prior to 2011, James played in the 2007 NBA Finals. Following his 2018 Finals sweep, with the Cleveland Cavaliers, at the hands of the Golden State Warriors, he led the Lakers to the 2020 Finals, in the bubble. Ironically, LeBron won his fourth title against the Miami Heat, the team he won his first title with.

LeBron James turned 37-years-old and he remains one of the best players in the NBA. Though injuries have slowed him down, many have said he is getting better, as a player. The way the game is played, LeBron is utilizing the rules to his advantage. With the right players around him, LeBron can lead a team to a championship. Last season, the Lakers looked like the favorites to repeat as champions, starting the season off 21-7.

Since then, the Lakers have had some incredible struggles. One of the biggest struggles the Lakers have had, this season, are against the Memphis Grizzlies. Led by Ja Morant, the Grizzlies have begun to get the best of the Lakers. Last night, they won the season series 3-1, against the Lakers. Morant stepped up, big, to make sure of this. Meanwhile, LeBron James had to work on his anger. He took it out in a big way, when he dunked on Jaren Jackson.

LeBron James dunks on Jaren Jackson

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