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LeBron James denies blocking Jalen Green to avoid goaltend | Lakers at Rockets [VIDEO]


LeBron James denies blocking Jalen Green to avoid goaltend | Lakers at Rockets [VIDEO]

LeBron James, long ago, established himself as one of the top defensive players in the league. When he came in the league, LeBron was known for his scoring prowess. But, there were critics who said that he couldn’t play defense. During the early years of his career, James let it be known he is a beast on both sides of the ball.

Despite being a wing player, LeBron James is known for being a shot-blocker. His trademark has been chasing down players on the fast break and taking their shot. In 2009, LeBron really made this his patent, as the led the Cavs to 66 wins. That year, he led Cleveland to an 8-0 start to the playoffs, before losing in six games to the Orlando Magic.

Currently, LeBron James is playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Last night, the Lakers visited the Houston Rockets. This season, the Rockets were expected to be the worst team in the NBA. Recently, though, they went on a strong winning streak, beating several good teams. The Lakers have had their fair share of struggles, during their redemption season.

LeBron James ran down Jalen Green for his trademark block, but it was written off as a goaltend. But, on the second look, it was said that Green just missed the shot. To make sure the Rockets didn’t get the points, LeBron argued the refs that Jalen missed the shot. This is likely the only time that LeBron didn’t want the shot block to count.

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