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Kodak Black’s pants fell down during Florida Panthers’ game [VIDEO]

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Kodak Black’s pants fell down during Florida Panthers’ game [VIDEO]

Kodak Black's pants fell down during Florida Panthers' gameKodak Black’s pants fell down during Florida Panthers’ game

This week, Kodak Black dominated the headlines, when he attended the Florida Panthers’ game. Fans capturing videos of the game caught Kodak doing something. He went viral, as it looked like he was getting it in, but in actuality, he was only dancing.

Kodak Black went viral, which is something he is used to doing. However, there was a woman named Treonna Brewer, who was dating Kodak, but she wasn’t the woman he took to the game. She saw the video, like everyone else, and then said she was single.

After his girlfriend said she was single, Kodak Black also said he was single. But, he made it clear the girl in the video with him wasn’t anyone he was messing with. Instead, she is the newest artist on his Sniper Gang label. Kodak shared her on his Instagram, revealing her name is Vvsnce, and that they will be doing a lot of work, this year.

As if the first viral video wasn’t enough, Kodak Black had more happen at the Florida Panthers’ game. In addition to the video, Kodak’s pants fell down while he was dancing. A fan captured that video and it went viral on TikTok.

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