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Kalan.FrFr – “Popstar” [VIDEO]


Kalan.FrFr – “Popstar” [VIDEO]

Kalan FrFr lives the high life in Popstar music video

There is a lot of promise on the Los Angeles hip hop scene. Kalan.FrFr is one of the reasons why the City of Angels has a lot of energy. Over the past few years, Kalan.FrFr has made a significant impact on the game. As a result, Kalan.FrFr caught the attention of some major figures in the game. Kalan.FrFr ended up signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Having Roc Nation behind Kalan.FrFr has empowered him to keep making history. Kalan.FrFr has one of the industry’s biggest machines pushing him. Meanwhile, Kalan.FrFr has kept the Los Angeles hip hop scene on the forefront of the minds of the hip hop audience. Last year, Kalan.FrFr made sure he put his name on the map, when he signed with Roc Nation.

Kalan.FrFr is now working to keep his name on the map. Currently, Kalan.FrFr is in project mode, working hard on having something new out. While Kalan.FrFr doesn’t have a name for his project, he does have a lead single for the people. This afternoon, Kalan.FrFr dropped the music video for his single, “Popstar,” which premiered on BET and BET Jams.

Kalan FrFr lives the high life in Popstar music video

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