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Jimmy Butler screams on the ref and gets ejected | Blazers at Heat [VIDEO]


Jimmy Butler screams on the ref and gets ejected | Blazers at Heat [VIDEO]

Jimmy Butler screams on the ref and gets ejected

A franchise player, Jimmy Butler became a bit of a journeyman, before landing with the Miami Heat. In 2011, he was a late first round draft pick for the Chicago Bulls. Eventually, he and Derrick Rose would become a duo, but Rose would leave the Bulls in 2016. This is when Butler stepped up, briefly forming a duo with Dwyane Wade, when he joined the team.

Dwyane Wade joining the Bulls was shocking, despite him being a Chicago native. Wade was interchangeable with the Miami Heat and the Bulls are one of their most-bitter rivals. During their championship run, the Bulls gave the Heat a fit in the first round. On opening night, on 2006, when the Heat celebrated their title, the Bulls beat them in Miami by 42. In the playoffs, they swept them in the first round.

Ultimately, Dwyane Wade’s time on the Bulls proved the ultimate revenge. He bonded with Jimmy Butler, later selling him on the HEATCulture. Before returning to Miami, Wade joined the Cleveland Cavaliers. For Jimmy Butler, he would play for the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Philadelphia 76ers. In the 2019 playoffs, the Sixers had a super-team, but failed to move past the second round. That offseason, he signed with the Heat, leading them to the NBA Finals.

Last season, Butler’s Heat got swept by Giannis’ Bucks in the first round. This season, the Heat hold the second seed, behind the Bulls. When he got an unfavorable call, against the Portland Trail Blazers, tonight, Butler went off on the ref. This led to Jimmy Butler being ejected.

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