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It’s So Hard: Remembering Big Pun Fourteen Years Later


It’s So Hard: Remembering Big Pun Fourteen Years Later

Big PunBy K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Time has flown by and this morning makes fourteen years since Big Pun died. His death came on the heels of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.’s untimely passing. But, Big Pun’s death was not due to gun violence, instead it was weight-related, as he died of a heart attack.

The silver lining in the cloud that is Big Pun’s death is that the people around him have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle. In addition to this, Big Pun’s music inspired his son to also jump into the rap game. Most would agree Chris Rivers is a future star in this hip hop industry.

During his life, Big Pun reached new heights and broke records as a Puerto Rican artist. The accomplishments Big Pun made will not be forgotten ever nor should it be. This morning, Hip Hop Vibe decided to compile some of Big Pun’s work to give those who did not have the pleasure of knowing his work some insight.

Big Pun released two albums during his lifetime, starting in 1998 with Capital Punishment and then his Yeeeah Baby album dropped in 2000, two months after his death. Although the time was very brief, Big Pun dropped a series of hits, including his classics, “Still Not A Player” with Joe, and “It’s So Hard” with Donell Jones. Last summer, Hip Hop Vibe had the chance to talk to both his son, Chris Rivers, and Tony Sunshine about Big Pun.

Watch the Chris Rivers interview below:

Watch the Tony Sunshine interview below:

Check out Big Pun’s discography below:

Watch “Still Not A Player” by Big Pun ft. Joe below:

Watch “You Came Up” by Big Pun ft. Noreaga below:

Watch “It’s So Hard” by Big Pun ft. Donell Jones below:

Watch “100%” by Big Pun ft. Tony Sunshine below:

Watch “How We Roll” by Big Pun ft. Ashanti below:

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