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IamJoshStone & Swiv Want Groupie B*****s to “Get Gone”


IamJoshStone & Swiv Want Groupie B*****s to “Get Gone”

The rapper/producer behind weed-loving anthem “Joshua Stoner” is back with a message to disloyal clout-chasers: Get gone, get grown! On latest single “Get Gone,” Josh Stone (with assistance from fellow RVO artist Swiv) is setting the record straight when it comes to fake friends. As the NY-Cali rapper explains, “What inspired me to make ‘Get Gone’ was [the fact that] a lot of people are clingy dishonest immature following users. From males who just wanna smoke weed to females/males who just want d**k/p***y….I made this song to express my frustration with men and women who easily cheat on their spouses because of fame and power. It’s no secret that it happens, I just think it’s f***ed up. They need to get gone and get grown.” Check out the full video below and check the fame fanatics you know with his catchy hook!

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