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HHV On The Rise Video of the Week: RZAK ft. FM – “Crazy”


HHV On The Rise Video of the Week: RZAK ft. FM – “Crazy”

CrazyrzakvidBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In New Jersey, there are a ton of artists that are bursting onto the mainstream and finding much success. The world is talking about a few of these guys and RZAK is definitely in the mix. An artist who is all about breaking artists, RZAK is one of a kind.

Currently, RZAK is in the middle of promoting his new mixtape and his single, “Crazy,” has found viral success. What a lot of people forget is the hard work and dedication that it takes to make it. This is something that RZAK more than understands.

Ever since the debut of “Crazy,” RZAK has done all he can to promote the music video. No shortcuts with this guy, RZAK put in all the necessary work to get to where he’s at. This didn’t go unnoticed by Hip Hop Vibe, as “Crazy” is the On The Rise Video of the Week for this week.

Watch “Crazy” by RZAK below:

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