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HHV On The Rise Video of the Week: Nerves Baddington – “Addict”


HHV On The Rise Video of the Week: Nerves Baddington – “Addict”

AddictvidBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Spring is here and this means a lot of artists, both major and independent, are putting that work in. With the break in weather, artists want their music seen and heard. This includes Nerves Baddington, the popular Alabama duo.

As they have their project in the works, Nerves Baddington turned in their new single, “Addict,” which includes a video. This week, they launched their video exclusively on Hip Hop Vibe. Momentum is building for Nerves Baddington, as they keep pushing on their own.

Because of their efforts, Nerves Baddington has one of the most-viewed indie videos online, this week. This is the type of drive and determination it takes, plus their music is drawing fans in, thus the win-win. Their efforts earn them On The Rise Video of the Week status on Hip Hop Vibe.

Watch “Addict” by Nerves Baddington below:

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