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HHV Christmas 2012: Ashley Salazar for Playboy’s Miss Social of the Year


HHV Christmas 2012: Ashley Salazar for Playboy’s Miss Social of the Year

Ashley Salazar Playboy Miss SocialBy Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Throughout this year, Ashley Salazar has turned heads and distracted many on the internet during work. The hard work of Ashley Salazar has not only been to turn heads, however, it has all been for a career-long goal. During her initial Hottie of the Week feature, Ashley Salazar admitted she dreamed of being featured in Playboy.

Pooling her resources, Ashley Salazar put together a strong promotional team and won the Playboy’s Miss Social contest for June 2012. Winning in the month of June was important for Ashley, as her birthday is in June. Even with the holiday season in full swing, Ashley Salazar was working, as she hopes to appear in the magazine.

Ashley Salazar easily won fans over throughout the year and one of her peaks was winning Playboy’s Miss Social. Now one of the favorites of the year, Ashley Salazar has decided to run for another Playboy contest. In addition to running for Playboy South Africa, she is also running for Playboy’s Miss Social of the Year.

See additional photos of Ashley Salazar below:

Ashley Salazar Playboy Miss Social 2Ashley Salazar Playboy Miss Social 3



















Watch an Ashley Salazar promo for Playboy below:

Vote Ashley Salazar Playboy’s Miss Social of the Year here.

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