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Evan Barlow New Video “Butter Toppin” Might Make You Cry
Evan Barlow


Evan Barlow New Video “Butter Toppin” Might Make You Cry

Evan Barlow releases a heartfelt visual for his new record titled “Butter Toppin.” The video shows the heartbroken artist waking up in the morning to an empty bed. After he brushes his teeth, he eventually leaves the house in search of his girlfriend who is with some other guy. The video continues, through spaces of disappointment and pain, only to discover that it was all a dream.

The Virginia native has been releasing records showing depth and diversity, bringing awareness to skill. “Butter Toppin,” produced by Andrew Hypes is one of Evan’s records off of his mix-tape “Fabrics” released earlier this year. This video is sure to take you on a journey!

When asked why the video was created, Evan stated, “Once you’ve dealt with as much loss as I have, it’s easy to have visions of losing the closest thing to you. ‘Butter Toppin’ is a piece of my journey through love, and the risk someone puts themselves in by falling in love. Even though there is a chance of heartbreak and pain, we as human beings should always be free to love again.”

Make sure to check out Butter Toppin on BET Jams and support one of hip-hops most talented new artists.

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