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Erica Mena vs. Cyn Santana (FULL ARGUMENT) #LHHFamReunion [VIDEO]
Erica Mena and Cyn Santana argue on VH1 Family Reunion


Erica Mena vs. Cyn Santana (FULL ARGUMENT) #LHHFamReunion [VIDEO]

Nearly a decade ago, Erica Mena did something that changed “Love & Hip Hop,” forever. After her breakup from Rich Dollaz, Erica went out and got a girlfriend. Throughout the summer of 2013, Erica was posting on Instagram with a girl who looked just like her. There was tons of speculation of who this girl was and if they were really dating. Soon, the woman was confirmed to be Cyn Santana, and she joined the “Love & Hip Hop” season three cast.

Throughout the 2013-2014 period, Erica Mena and Cyn Santana had a love story for the ages. Well, maybe it wasn’t all of that, but Instagram was tuned in. If it was all for publicity, it worked, because everybody wanted to see more of what they were going to do. Anyone who knows anything about anything knew they wouldn’t last. They ended up breaking up in 2014, dedicating the fourth season of the show to it.

Erica moved on with Bow Wow, later beefing with Cyn Santana. After 2015, both ladies fell from the public eye, in a big way. However, in 2017, Cyn resurfaced with Joe Budden, pregnant with his child. There was a reunion on VH1’s “Hollywood Squares,” where Erica reunited with Cyn, rubbing her belly, with Joe present. After 2017, Erica and Cyn went back to beefing. In 2020, Erica returned to “Love & Hip Hop,” where she and Cyn rotate between beefing and making up.

Through 2021, Erica was insulting Cyn with a fake Instagram. Tonight, they finally had their confrontation over this. Erica accused Cyn of lying about the page, and said she had been dying to speak to her the entire time she’s been on the island.

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