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Don Trip – “Pray God’s Not Watching” [VIDEO]


Don Trip – “Pray God’s Not Watching” [VIDEO]

Don Trip put himself on the map, back in 2012. Sharing the name of The Notorious B.I.G., Don Trip dropped “Letter to My Son” to much fanfare. This was what helped spark the current run of Memphis hip hop. Back then, his name was hotter than a lot of the guys who are credited for keeping the city in the spotlight.

But, Don Trip would speak to, explaining how he is an outside of the box type of an artist. The kinds of music he makes wouldn’t appeal to the types of artists that went onto shape this decade. Still, there is a lane for himself and he knows this, so he keeps his audience fed with consistent music.

Whatever Don Trip does, he does by his own sets of rules. Recently, he returned with the visuals for his new single, “Pray God’s Not Watching.” That is a way of describing what is currently going on in the world.

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