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Doe Boy releases Big Oh Really music video

Though he is now emerging as a star, Doe Boy has been around for longer than people think. In 2012, he was the youngest member of Future’s Freebandz Gang. Right when he was turning the corner, Doe Boy ended up being sentenced to prison. When he returned, Doe Boy came back to a landscape nothing like the one he left. Many rappers that Doe Boy had more going on than now were artists with platinum singles.

Doe Boy is a Cleveland native and he was inspired by the time he missed. He slowly worked to rise the ranks and now he is one of the game’s hottest rising artists. There is no cheating the grind, which Doe Boy fully understands. With that in mind, Doe Boy puts his everything into every song he puts out. Just yesterday, Doe Boy released Oh Really, his latest mixtape. The project has some huge singles and features.

Alongside the mixtape release, Doe Boy dropped the “BIG OH REALLY” music video. This serves as the title track for the project. Doe Boy has had one of 2022’s biggest releases so far.

Doe Boy releases Big Oh Really music video

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